9 Good Content Ideas for Any Niche

When you are trying to come up with content ideas for your niche, you can use a few basic starters for the content that will work for literally any niche. Once you have these 9 ideas, you can break them down into individual points for blog posts, podcasts, videos, eBooks and more.

1. Make a List of Good Points

Every niche has some good points about it that make people feel good. You can write 7 Awesome Things about XYZ and it always fits. For example, 7 Awesome Things about Eating Veggies.

2. Make a List of Bad Points

Just like the good points will work, you can twist it and write the opposite. Using our veggie idea from above, assuming your niche is a vegan blog, you can turn it into 7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Eat Veggies – then make it a funny article saying things like “You hate being healthy” etc.

3. Ask (and Answer) a Question

This is a great way to come up with ideas to create content. You can use questions actually asked directly of you, or you can search for questions on any website, blog, forum or social media network that you’ve seen within your niche.

4. Make a List of Facts

This can work really great for content ideas since in reality there are going to be far more than seven or ten facts about your niche. You can literally do this trick as often as you can come up with a list of facts in relation to your niche.

5. Make a List of Misconceptions

Just like there are facts, there are almost always misconceptions about your niche. Perhaps you host a niche website or blog about the subject of bird watching. You can write many articles or create many YouTube videos addressing misconceptions about various breeds of birds or even misconceptions about equipment used in bird watching.

6. Give the Best Advice for Solutions

For each niche there are various problems with corresponding solutions that you are likely offering to the audience. You can use this fact to help create content focused on the best solutions and the best advice for using the solutions properly.

7. Give the Worst Advice for Solutions

Conversely, there are always some solutions that don’t work or that are a bad idea. Why not write about the bad ideas, the bad solutions, and the answers that don’t work, and then turn it around to offer your own solution after talking about what’s wrong with the other ideas.

8. Tell the Top 3 Beginning Ideas

In any niche there is a very basic beginning to consider. Starting at the very beginning is often forgotten because it seems so elementary to you, but to someone who is new to the niche it will not seem like minutia, it will seem super interesting and important.

9. Be Controversial

Sometimes, being controversial is a great way to get more ideas for content. You can find a blog post that a mover and shaker talked about and tell why you agree or disagree. You can connect some content with current events. For example, if you run a dieting website or blog, you can discuss a famous person’s weight issues, and give them advice even though you don’t even know them.

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